Brief History of Haranah Tours


It was the year 1999 when Mr. Jaime C. Tan together with his wife, Noryn Marie Tita Tan decided to start their own travel company. After all the documents for registering the company were made, what the company will be called was still being decided on. The idea of naming it “Haranah” came during one of the couple’s walks. Passing the church where they married, a big tarpaulin caught Noryn’s attention. It was on the festivities being offered and celebrated for the Virgin Mary called “Harana kay Maria”. On a whim, she asked, “Why not use ‘Harana’?” Adding the ‘h’ at the end to make it lucky, they submitted the name “Haranah” along with three (3) others to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). True enough, Haranah Tours was approved and established that same year.

Haranah Tours first began its operation by converting a space in their house as an office, with only the couple running it and the little children helping with simple tasks like stapling and sorting documents, and stamping the details on the IDs to be used by the students. Now, the company has grown big, having its own office at Room 203 West City Plaza, West Avenue, Quezon City and employing about more than 30 people.